How do I install my drop-in sear burner?




  • Alex Nemeth

    The directions are for a different style grill.  I have the TRL and the directions cited here aren’t applicable. 

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  • KBrandt

    I also have a TRL and just purchased the sear burner. I have taken out the grates, briquettes, and burner. There is a "T" that is screwed into the grill bottom, which appears to keep the rear of the burners from lifting. This must be removed before the new sear burner can be put in place but there is no way that these screws are coming loose. I called Summerset's recommended "grill handyman" and I was told that I needed a special tool to GRIND the screws off because they WILL NOT come loose any other way. I am stuck mid-installation, and would sure appreciate some help.


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